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<p>The Balmoral has several dedicated pet-friendly rooms.&nbsp; Due to the large number of Nova Scotians with pet allergies, including one of the owners of the Balmoral, we have found it necessary to restrict pets to the Pet-Friendly rooms.&nbsp; If you are staying in one of these rooms, we welcome your dog or cat.&nbsp; If you have a pet alligator with you, perhaps you should call ahead! &nbsp;Normally, we will not be able to accommodate your pet unless you reserve a Pet-Friendly room ahead of your visit.</p><p>We&nbsp;only ask you to be a responsible pet owner,&nbsp;taking care of your pet and cleaning up after it.&nbsp; Bags are available for this purpose at the front desk if you forget your supply.&nbsp; We&nbsp; also ask that should you leave your pet alone in your room, please ensure that he or she is confined to a carrier, and that you are not gone long enough for them to be upset and disturb other guests. &nbsp;There is a large field in the back of the motel which you may use to exercise your pet. {mosimage}&nbsp;If you need a pillow for your pet to sleep on, we will be happy to provide one. &nbsp;We also provide &nbsp;treats so that your pet knows they are welcome here!</p><p><!--StartFragment -->As your pet is a valued member of your family, we trust you will understand that Pets are charged as a third adult member of your party in the room.</p>